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Feng Shui, Interior Designing and Professional Residential Organizing are certainly different professions whose needs arise
at different times, with their own specific goals.  However, the goals and outcomes of each of these professions are often in alignment and overlapping.
Decluttering and putting into place organizational systems in the home or work place can be just part of the beginning process towards fulfilling your visions for your home and/or work place environment. Utilizing the art and science of Feng Shui will enable you to carry the process further to “rejuvenate” your environment with inspiration, beauty and harmony (specified to attract your needs and desires).


Originating in
China several thousand years ago, Feng Shui translated means ‘wind water’.  Feng Shui, in a nutshell, can be described as:  1. the practice of creating positive and beneficial environments or  2. the practice of arranging your environment to improve the quality of your life.
The essence of Feng Shui is portrayed in the commonly repeated phrase “you can feel the tension in this room – it’s so thick you can cut it with a knife.” Feng Shui describes exactly this: the feeling, sense or energy in a room.

There is so much depth and substance to the phenomena of Feng Shui that it is characterized as both an
art and a science.
  • It is considered an art as it incorporates how an individual utilizes object placement, colors, shapes and symbols in their home to create the desired outcome of a balanced, free flowing, harmonious and esthetically pleasing environment.
  • It is also considered a science as it utilizes the specific directional influences of a compass and evaluates the existence of YIN (feminine, dark, small, curved, soft and ornate,) and YANG (masculine, light, large, angular, hard and plain) related traits or energies. Feng Shui also strives to create completion and balance by incorporating all the five elements of: earth, fire, metal, wood and water.
  • The science of psychology comes to play in Feng Shui also as it subscribes to the belief that people are influenced consciously and subconsciously by their physical and visual surroundings. For example, a person who lives or works in a clean, organized and attractive environment will often react by experiencing positive inspirations, thoughts and emotions. Conversely, when someone lives or works in a dirty, disorganized, cluttered and unattractive environment, they will often react by experiencing very little inspiration, and a lot of frustration, stress and unhappiness.
  • NOTE: Feng Shui is more of a fine art than a science, as it is versatile, honoring individual’s personal tastes.

Linda has studied both the Form and Compass schools of Feng Shui. The Form or Western and Compass schools are the two recognized schools of thought and practice in the Feng Shui profession. Linda completed a comprehensive Form school class at the West Coast Academy of Feng Shui with the owner Erica Sofrina, internationally recognized Feng Shui teacher and Interior Design business owner. Linda's work is based on teachings of Terah Kathryn Collins and Lillian Too, two of the most internationally recognized Feng Shui Masters and authors. She has also studied Compass Feng Shui with Marie Diamond (of Diamond Feng Shui) internationally recognized Feng Shui Master, business consultant and author as well as a star of movie The Secret. Linda continues to study Feng Shui with Marie Diamond today via Diamond Feng Shui study program, teleseminars and CDs.


Linda applies a “Stepping Stones” approach to Feng Shui. She believes that for Feng Shui to be appropriate and effective, a house must first be clean and decluttered. However, she will offer a Feng Shui consultation with the knowledge that the client will declutter and clean before making Feng Shui enhancements.

To best serve her clients, Linda will initially inquire about the meaning/ significance of her client’s possessions, as wells as inquire about their vision for their home and life. In all of her Feng Shui redesign consults, she incorporates the following: object placement, directional (personal and general space) influences, yin/yang influences, elemental balance, the use of colors/numbers, existing décor and personal preferences. She offers specific recommendations for changes in the living spaces, with room for creativity and personal taste. Linda’s ultimate goal is to promote a healthy flow of energy and enhance her clients’ career, health, prosperity and relationships.
  Feng Shui consults are offered for changes to be applied in all rooms in the house including the garage, patio and garden (one of her favorite and the most wonderful areas to apply F/S). However, she recommends that clients don’t make Feng Shui enhancements in all their rooms at once.  Linda will offer clients direction in the process of planning to make appropriately timed changes and enhancements in the home and work place.

She offers clients acceptance, respect and compassion, regardless of their existing situations, and will support clients to obtain their visions. Linda has received repeated testimonials from her clients that Feng Shui has been a fun, awesome and exciting way to create a new future, while enhancing the ambiance in their homes.


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